Our Company

About Us:

Aivivid® is an innovative Information and communication technologies company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We provide innovative content delivery solutions and ICT related consulting and trainings to our respective clients. Our solutions range covers the needs of small and medium size companies to large enterprise services, we provide tailor made solutions to address businesses and organizations needs around the world.

Our Mission, Vision and Strategy:

Mission: Providing relevant compelling solutions that customers only can get from Aivivid.
Vision: To provide the best content delivery solutions.
Strategy: Tailor-made efficient solutions for developing markets.

Why Sweden as a base:

Sweden is a very interesting place in this industry. Scandinavian countries always has been known to be pioneers in implementing and using the latest Information and Communications Technologies, very first mobile networks to the first commercial 4G LTE networks. Sweden also enjoys an extensive terrestrial fiber optics network around the country. Stockholm, as capital of Scandinavia is enjoying extremely well connectivity and existence of Netnod Internet Exchange point with the capacity of hundreds of Gigabits, provides a rock solid foundation for data and content delivery. Sweden also is ranked no 1 in The Networked Readiness Index 2010–2011. In terms of competition, majority of the running cost of a datacenter is it’s electricity bills and 80% of the electricity in a datacenter is being used to cool down the equipment. In Sweden, we have 10 months out of 12 months free cooling because of colder climate, and that is a significant advantage and cost saving.

Company Management Team Background:

Company management has been involved in the industry and online business since 1998, and our technical team members in 3 different time zones are very qualified professionals with passion about what we do. We all simply have the best jobs in the world, to bring you and your business tailor-made efficient solutions for developing markets.

Connectivity Infrastructure

Our IP transit network, resilience and redundency

Using a multi-homed network via Cogent Communications ( Tear 1 IP transit service ) and connectivity to other vendors via Netnod ( Stockholm Exchange ), Aivivid provides you with a resilient, IPv6 enabled, optical IP network.


RIPE NCC membership and cooperation

Aivivid is a full member of RIPE NCC therefore a Local Internet Registry (LIR) in Sweden. We can provide you full range of RIPE NCC services, including assignment of Internet resources  ( allocating IPv4, IPv6 and AS numbers ) for your own use. Read more about this services here.

Also, Aivivid is helping RIPE NCC in running RIPE Atlas project, which is one of the largest Internet measurement projects to date. Aivivid is running one of 80 worldwide main measurement nodes called Atlas Anchors. Read more about the project here.

Our Facilities