Dear friends and respective clients;

As you may know, Aivivid® is a full member of RIPE NCC, making us a “Local Internet Registry” in the RIPE region ( Europe and Middle East ) as one of the 5 regional internet registries worldwide.

As a local internet registry ( LIR ), we are ready to assign internet resources to our clients such as:

  • IPv4 Provider Aggregatable (PA) IP address space
  • IPv6Provider Aggregatable (PA) IP address space
  • IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) IP address space
  • Autonomous Number ( AS Number ) for BGP announcements on the Internet

Enabling them to use these resources in their own location and enjoy the benefit of having dedicated internet resources at their disposal. For more information about our LIR services, feel free to always contact us.

Read more about RIPE NCC here: