RIPE NCC Members or Local Internet Registries (LIRs)

LIRs are established under the authority of an RIR. LIRs are typically operated by Internet Service Providers and serve the customers of those ISPs. Other organisations such as large Enterprises can also operate LIRs.
Aivivid is registered as LIR in the RIPE NCC Region

Aivivid is registered as a Local Internet Registry in RIPE NCC Region – Europe and Middle East – and this means Aivivid can give you the best running service and request Internet resources including:

IPv4 Provider Aggregatable (PA) IP address space
IPv6 Provider Aggregatable (PA) IP address space
IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) IP address space
Autonomous Number ( AS Number ) for BGP announcements on the Internet

PA IP address space is the only way to scale the Internet and minimise the number of routes. As an End User, you can request independent Internet number resources (Provider Independent (PI) IP address space, Autonomous System (AS) Numbers, IPv6 IXP assignments, Anycast assignments) through us from RIPE NCC. We will sponsor and request resources from the RIPE NCC on your behalf and The End User needs to have a contractual relationship with a Aivivid, as your sponsoring LIR.

IPv4 Exhaustion

The RIPE NCC’s pool will be depleted when we have no address space left to allocate except from the last /8 (185/8) that was allocated to the RIPE NCC by IANA. IPv4 addresses from this /8 will then be allocated according to section 5.6 of “IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region”. This section states that an LIR may receive only a /22 (1,024 IPv4 addresses), even if they can justify a larger allocation. This /22 allocation will only be made to LIRs if they have already received an IPv6 allocation from an upstream LIR or the RIPE NCC. No new IPv4 Provider Independent (PI) space will be assigned.

IPv4 Free Market

If you are in need of IPv4, we can enter into a business transaction with other LIRs who still hold free blocks of IPv4 and obtain it for you. For more information in this regard, please contact us.

IPv6, The way of the Future

At the end of the day, all of us should switch to the new IPv6 protocol, and sooner the better. We can sponsor your needs of IPv6 blocks and obtain them directly from RIPE NCC, so you can start using IPv6 in your respective networks as soon as possible and get ready for the future. For getting more information about our pricing, terms and conditions, please contact us.