Service Level Agreement

Basic SLA

All the products and services sold on the aivivid website carry a basic Service Level Agreement which guarantees response times below and no uptime guarantees.

Premium SLA

You can upgrade your Service Level Agreement to Premium, which guarantees a 99.7% uptime and under 2 hours response time to your support ticket, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

DescriptionBasic SLAPremium SLA
 Uptime Guarantee* No Guarantee 99.7%
 Maximum response time to support Tickets 24 Hours 2 Hours
Engineers on call 9am / 5pm, Monday / Friday 24 / 7
 Price Included with all products 50% of the product price exc. VAT

On Demand Technical Assistance

Some clients may require technical assistance which is their own responsibility and has nothing to do with our support service, i.e: configuring their servers, troubleshooting, etc. Aivivid offers it’s engineers in working hours for technical assistance for the rate of 650 SEK an hour (exc. VAT) , with the minium charge of 1 hour to our respective clients. For booking our on demand technical assistance, please inform us by a support ticket.

*Uptime Guarantee

With the premium SLA, we guarantee a 99.7% uptime meaning from 720 hours a month, maximum downtime should be 129 minutes or less ( except pre-announced maintenance downtimes ) and if your downtime exceeds 129 minutes during 1 calendar month, Aivivid will not invoice you this month as penalty. Aivivid will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes downtime.